About MegaGame

Part board game, part live action event, part roleplaying game, but all FUN!

We currently have two games in our rotation:  Watch the Skies and Urban Nightmare.

Watch the Skies takes place on a near future Earth very much like our own, but aliens have arrived on the planet. Around 60 players will play on teams as nations, news reporters, and, the aliens.  All the while, Earth is struggling to figure out what is going on before civilization dissolves into chaos.  Who are these mysterious beings?  What do they want?  Do they really come in peace?  Most players will be part of a team. There are teams for the world’s major nations as well as a team playing the aliens.  The world media is represented by three different solo players each of whom will publish their newspaper every round.  It's exciting and dramatic, and never plays the same twice.

Urban Nightmare tosses players into a smaller setting.  Each player will represent a citizen of a given state, currently under siege by zombies.  Players will all be in a certain city in that state, having to manage the horde as it comes in.  Within that, you will also have to keep up with your personal goals like keeping your family safe, getting re-elected, or even just surviving.  And you can't just worry about your city.  If the town next door doesn't hold up their end, the zombies could spill over into your town, making your mess much worse.

For ticketing information, please go to our ticketing page.


Is there an age limit to enter the event?
There is no specific age limit as the game does not contain any themes or images that would be unsuitable for young adults. However, the game involves a great deal of discussion and negotiation and as a rough guide we would suggest a minimum age of 16 to play.

Is food available at the venue?
There is an HEB next door and multiple restaurants in the shopping center. Our game does not stop for lunch or dinner breaks, so please have a food solution before coming to the game.


We run games every other month, and details on the next game can be found on our ticketing page.  Our events usually sell out ahead of the event, so don't put off getting tickets.  On the off chance that we do not sell out, we do cut off ticket sales at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the event, so we can brief teams and give them time to prepare.  So don't wait until the last minute to pick up tickets.


Orange Coworking, located in the HEB Shopping Center at Slaughter/Manchaca
2110 W. Slaughter Ln #160
Austin TX 78748



If you'd like to see a longer, more detailed video, Shut Up & Sit Down attended a MegaGame and did a 43 minute rundown of the event.