What is a MegaGame?

MegaGame is a day-long event where dozens of players come together to all play the same story in the same game.  It is a unique blend of role-playing, board gaming, diplomacy, and deduction where the players decide how the game goes.  You may be a high-level government official figuring out the motivations of aliens.  You may be an alien trying to manipulate humanity into meeting your aims.  You may be a regular citizen dealing with the sudden arrival of a group of zombies.  MegaGames span genres, but are all uniquely entertaining and engaging.

MegaGame is a global phenomenon, and it is now being offered in Texas.  Don't miss your chance to play in this amazing game.

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Prepare to play

In order to properly prepare the players and the game, tickets must be purchased in advance.  There will be no ticket sales at the door or the day of.  But don't wait to get tickets: our events typically sell out.  We will be playing at Orange Coworking in south Austin, and the event will last several hours.  We will provide all supplies, but costumes are strongly encouraged.




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