What is a MegaGame?

MegaGame is a day-long event where dozens of players come together to all play the same story in the same game.  It is a unique blend of role-playing, board gaming, Model UN, diplomacy, and deduction where the world decides how to adapt to the arrival of aliens.  Players are given high-level roles within a real-world country, and not only play the large game, but will break up and play smaller games with members from other countries.  Players have to deduce not only the aliens' intentions, but also that of the other teams while managing to further their own goals.  The day represents a decade of game time, so the ramification of actions players take is seen and will change the course of play.

MegaGame is a global phenomenon, and it is now being offered in Texas.  Don't miss your chance to play in this amazing game.

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Prepare to play

In order to properly prepare the players and the game, tickets must be purchased in advance.  There will be no ticket sales at the door or the day of.  But don't wait to get tickets: our events typically sell out within a week of them going on sale.  We will be playing at Orange Coworking in south Austin, and the event will last all day.  We will provide all supplies, but costumes are strongly encouraged.




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