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A MegaGame is not a specific game, but a genre of gaming. Any given MegaGame can be a number of different experiences!

Below are the games run by MegaGame Texas.

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Watch the Skies

In one of the most popular MegaGames ever, players are high-ranking government officials of various countries.  Only these officials are aware that aliens have arrived on Earth.  There is another team of players representing the aliens, whose motives and desires are a mystery to the humans.  Players have to work to further their own goals while still being weary of the aliens.  Are the aliens friends or enemies?  Either way, their technology can be exploited...if you think that's safe.

Watch the Skies originally written by Jim Wallman, and adapted by the MegaGame Society and MegaGame TExas.

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God Emperor

Thousands of years ago, the ruler of the land vanquished the Titans and took control over all the land.  At least that's how history was written.  But now, the supposedly-immortal, self-proclaimed "god emperor" is weakening, and a new divine sovereign can rise to take the throne.  As a ranking member of a noble house, your house can sit on the throne, assuming you have the strength, cunning, and connections to make it happen.

God Emperor written by Jack McNamee.

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Urban Nightmare

Disaster strikes, and only you can save the city!  As a municipal worker, you're used to emergencies, but nothing like this.  It Urban Nightmare, you take the role of a policeman, fireman, mayor, national guardsman, governor, and more to fight back the threat to the city.  It could be a zombie horde, giant monster, moleman uprising, or other terrible threat!  Of course, you also have to consider what this can do for your career once the threat is defeated...

Urban Nightmare designed by Jim Wallman and MegaGAme Makers.


Pirate Republic

In the chaotic Caribbean, the colonies of nations exhausted by war are left to defend themselves against an increasing threat of pirate activity.  Worse, the pirates seem to be organizing into their own government that could pose a true threat to the region.  Play as either the colonists or the pirates, and shape the waters into your own paradise.  Whether you're a colonial governor or a buccaneer captain, the possibility of riches lies if you manage to turn the situation in your favor.

Pirate REpublic designed by John Sharp of Pennine MegaGames


Den of Wolves

In the distant future, humanity has nearly been wiped out by a hostile force bent on total obliteration. The small group of remaining humans live nomadic lives aboard a desperate flotilla of ships, jumping from planet to planet to evade their would be destroyers. But, unbeknownst to the humans, their enemies hide among them, disguised as humans, and waiting to strike. Can humanity survive this threat, or will the Wolves make humans extinct?

Den of Wolves designed by John Mizon of Southwest MegaGames